About Us

Hello and welcome to This Family Reviews!

We’re a family of five – four humans, one dog – who share our thoughts, experiences and reviews of anything and everything (well, technically not the dog). Be it family days out, household gadgets, kid’s toys or baby products, we want to provide an unabridged and honest low-down of the stuff that we encounter in our everyday lives.

We often turn to the internet to see what other people say – be it when looking to buy products or for inspiration for family days out. We therefore decided to set up This Family Reviews to give our thoughts in the hope that it helps inform others when buying that gadget or finding somewhere to go on a cold, wet Saturday.

As the name suggests, This Family Reviews is a review site rather than a personal blog, so expect real reviews from a real family rather than ramblings about our daily lives. As self-professed stats geeks, we’ve also tried to add an extra element to our reviews through the use of numbers. This gives a quick snapshot about what we think and allows similar reviews to be compared to each other – read more about our scoring system here.

So, who are we? Well, our family lives in rural Hertfordshire and consists of 30-somethings Annie (Mum) and Johnny (Dad), along with 4-year old Ella (Daughter), 6-month old baby Jake (Son) and Chip (Dog). We’re you’re pretty typical family – we like to explore new places, see different things, hang out together, and of course, review things!


We welcome all comments, so please feel free to chat to us on the blog, drop us an email or follow on Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on anything we’ve reviewed or any suggestions on stuff we should check out.