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Family Day Out Review: Gravity Force Trampoline Park, St Albans

Gravity Force Trampoline Park, St Albans


Value For Money


Kid's Entertainment






Variety Of Activities


Things We Like

  • Gets the kids active
  • Additional activities at Gravity Tots Session
  • Free for spectators
  • Plenty of trampoline variety
  • £5 Gravity Tots session is good value

Things We Dislike

  • Difficult to hear in briefing room

What’s It All About?

With close to 100 trampolines of different shapes and sizes, dodgeball courts, basketball lanes, tumble tracks and a foam pit with over 5,000 foam cubes, Gravity Force trampoline park provides a fun and energetic activity for the family. You’ll literally be jumping for joy!

What Do We Think?

Gravity Force at St Albans is basically a giant warehouse of bouncy fun with half of the ground floor covered with purple and yellow trampolines. The trampoline park offer a number of different sessions, however we’ve always been during Gravity Tots – a session aimed at kids (and their parents) who are between walking age and five-years old. We can obviously only talk about this session, but I’d imagine all of them are loosely the same.

So, what happens? On arrival, you check in at reception and are given a wrist band. We’ve always booked and paid online before turning up to ensure they’re not fully booked, so we’d obviously recommend this to avoid disappointment. You also have to complete a waiver – again, this can be done online prior to the session or when you get there (waivers last for 12 months). Every jumper also needs special Gravity Force grip socks – these cost £2, but you get to keep them and can wear them whenever you return.

You then go into another room for a quick briefing. There’s a number of TV screens around which play a video of what you should and what you shouldn’t do, for instance, one person on each trampoline or no running, only jumping with two feet. They’re big into their rules for safety purposes, so it’s important to listen, however unfortunately it’s pretty difficult as people talk and the acoustics in the room aren’t great.

You then go through another door and are allowed to crack on with some bouncy fun for the next hour. Although this doesn’t sound like a lot of time, trampolining (particularly with a young kid) is hard work – you’re likely to be panting and sweating after 20 minutes! Apart from the aforementioned safety rules, you’re free to explore and do what you want at Gravity Force, whilst a few members of staff are there to supervise, advise and (sometimes) tell you off.

To the left, you have the Main Court – row after row of around 60 square trampolines, with the addition of two that curve up to form a vault, angled trampolines on the walls and a number of platforms to jump off. This allows you and the kids to freestyle however you like – be it sticking to one trampoline, jumping from one to the other or bouncing off the walls.

There’s then the Foam Pit, which is filled with a load of huge yellow and purple foam cubes to land on. You can jump down either one of the two lanes before bouncing in, incorporate a rebound of the angled side trampolines, flip over the block or even take a dive of the high board. The cubes ensure a soft landing whatever method you choose. Our daughter absolutely loves the foam pit and will often bounce, jump and repeat until I persuade her to try something else!

Next to the foam pit is the two Basketball Lanes. As the name suggests, these are two bouncy lanes with a basketball hoop at the end allowing you to feel like an NBA star as you (attempt) to slam dunk. The hoops are different heights to give your kid (and you) at least a fighting chance of being able to sink a basket.

To the right, you have four Tumble Tracks – one of which goes up and down in a wavy pattern. These are much longer than a normal trampoline, thus allowing you to practice your tumbling skills. Assuming you’re like us and cart flip or cartwheel, these are great for jump racing against your kid!

Finally, there’s two Dodgeball Courts at Gravity Force – one normal and one extreme. With curved trampolines and bouncy walls, these give a different twist to the game of dodgeball. However, when with young kids, these really just act as separate trampoline areas. There’s also two Performance Trampolines, but these have always been closed when there for Gravity Tots.

During the Gravity Tots sessions, they also do additional things for the kids. In the Dodgeball Court, they have a parachute and balls from a ball pit to play with. There’s also outfits to dress up in, so they can jump around as superheros, unicorns or The Gruffalo. They also have foam blocks for building, play tents to hide in or foam letters and numbers to practice vocab and numeracy skills. These are all great little additions to keep the little ones happy and entertained if they need a break from jumping.

In terms of facilities, upstairs there is a cafe with large seating area offering a variety of drinks, snacks and food. Spectators can watch for free, so there’s plenty of places for them to watch the action. There’s also toilets upstairs and downstairs, as well as lockers if you need to store any of your stuff. We looked for baby change facilities, but couldn’t find any.

We’ve always enjoyed Gravity Force when we’ve visited for the Gravity Tots sessions. Not only does our daughter have loads of fun bouncing and playing, but the under 5’s specific session means we don’t have to worry about older kids being too rough (and stupid!) around her. What’s more, in a time when our children’s lives are becoming increasingly sedentary, a trampoline park like this ensures plenty of exercise.

What Does It Look Like?

What Do I Need To Know?

Address: 1 Hatfield Rd, St Albans AL4 0JJ.

Opening Times: 7 days per week, 10am-9pm.

Price: Gravity Jump sessions £8 each (everyone over 4), Gravity Tots sessions £5 each (under 5’s and adult). Also £2 each for special grip socks which you can keep and wear again on subsequent visits.

Toilets: Yes. two sets of Male and Female toilets, but no visible baby changing facilities could be found.

Cafe / Restaurant: Yes. Serving drinks, snacks and food with large seating area.

Parking: Yes. Free onsite car park.

Public Transport: St Albans City Train Station 2.3 miles away.

Duration: 1 hour.

Age Range: Babies and Toddlers (0-3), Young Children (4-8), Older Children (9-12).

Dog-Friendly: No.



Have you visited before? What do you and the kids think? Let us know in the comments!

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