Product Review Beer Hawk British Pale Ale Mixed Case in box

Product Review: Beer Hawk British Pale Ale Mixed Case

Beer Hawk British Pale Ale Mixed Case


Value For Money










Things We Like

  • Great selection of different IPAs and Pale Ales sent directly to your door
  • Takes the hassle out of finding and buying IPAs / Pale Ales
  • A good gift for someone else or to treat yourself
  • Inclusion of the Hoptical magazine is a nice bonus

Things We Dislike

  • More expensive than if you bought IPAs / Pale Ales individually
  • Unable to change or swap case contents, e.g. if you don't like a particular IPA
  • Would like to see a bit more variety in the beers sent

What’s It All About?

Stocking over 800 different beers from around the world, Beer Hawk are a specialist online retailer of bottled beer. Their British Pale Ale Mixed Case is a great selection of 12 pale ales and IPAs from breweries across the UK which you can get delivered to your door.

What Do We Think?

As the name suggests, the British Pale Ale Mixed Case is a selection of twelve different pale ales and IPAs as selected by the good folk at Beer Hawk. You place your order online, then a few days later, have a box filled with a variety of craft beers delivered directly to your house for your drinking pleasure.

Over the last two years, I’ve probably ordered ten or so of these British Pale Ale Mixed Cases. Having discovered that I like a lighter and hoppier beer, but not really knowing much about them, I found that ordering a case like this allowed me to sample a selection of different pale ales and IPAs.

Sure, I could scour the supermarkets, pubs or microbreweries in search of the best ales that these shores offer – however, that’s effort. I’d much prefer to order a mixed case and have people who know about craft beer send me the ones that they’d recommend. Less hassle, better choices. The beauty of something like this is that the work is already done for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy that beautiful hoppy taste.

My most recent mixed case consisted of eight bottles (330ml) and four cans (330ml). I won’t list all the craft beers as you’ll see them in the photos, but it included the likes of BrewDog Dead Pony Club, Mondo Rider, Wild Beer Co Fresh and Tiny Rebel Cali. As always, the online ordering system was pretty straightforward and the box arrived with me within a couple of days by courier.

I’ve always found the mixed cases to provide a decent variety of beers. There are some pale ales that have been in every box I’ve ordered, but there always seems to be a couple of new or substituted ones. For example, in my most recent box, two of the twelve were new to me. I quite like this as it means you can try something different each time, however,  with 107 British pale ales available at Beer Hawk, I’d probably expect more variety in the mixed case.

The fact that it’s a mixed case does have a downside though. There will be some beers you really like and some that you won’t. As it’s picked for the customer, you have no say in what you get and what you don’t get. Personally, I don’t like Siren Undercurrent but always seem to have one in the box (and three in the kitchen cupboard which are strategically offered if we have guests!). By contrast, I love Ilkley Mary Jane but disappointingly didn’t get one in my last box. Boo!

In terms of cost, the mixed case is priced at £28 with £4.99 for standard delivery (it was £30 when I first started buying them). I’ve always bought two mixed cases at the same time though in order to save on the delivery cost as Beer Hawk will ship for free over £50. This makes each beer an average of £2.33.

Out of interest, I added up the Beer Hawk RRP of all 12 beers in my most recent mixed and it totalled £28.67. So, based on this, buying the mixed case rather than each beer separately would save you 67p. This is hardly going to make you rich, but it shows the mixed case is appropriately priced.

However, a quick Google suggests that you can buy an individual BrewDog Dead Pony Club for £1.80 from Sainsbury’s – significantly cheaper than the £2.49 from Beer Hawk directly. If this is the same for every beer, then you’re definitely paying a premium to get them all together rather than individually. Personally, I don’t mind this as buying a mixed case means less hassle and time wasted as mentioned above.

I really enjoy buying (and drinking!) the British pale ales and IPAs I’m sent by Beer Hawk. I’d maybe like a bit more variety and the ability to change beers I don’t want, but I’m pretty happy with both the service and product. The British Pale Ale Mixed Case would make a great gift for a craft beer lover, or like me, a treat to yourself every few months.

If pale ale isn’t your thing, Beer Hawk also offer 30+ other mixed cases categorised by country, beer type or brewer. They also have a monthly subscription beer club where you’re sent a selection of beers each month, or you can pick and choose individual beers to buy from them directly.

What Does It Look Like?

What Do I Need To Know?

Recommend: Yes.

Main Features: A selection of 12 handpicked British Pale Ales and IPAs ordered online and sent directly to your door.

Contents: 12 beers, Hoptical magazine.

Price: £28 plus £4.99 standard delivery (free delivery for orders over £50).

Stockists: Beer Hawk.

Age Range: 18+.


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