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Family Show Review: Little Baby Bum Live! Stage Show, St. Albans

Little Baby Bum Live!


Value For Money


Family Entertainment




Things We Like

  • A fun, lively, energetic show for young children to watch
  • A lot of audience participation with singing, dancing and clapping.
  • Very cleverly brought Little Baby Bum from the screen to the theatre, including recognisable characters
  • Show includes around 30 different songs and nursery rhymes, including most of the classics
  • A great pace to the show so that young children don't get bored

Things We Dislike

  • £14 each for 1 hour entertainment can soon become expensive for families

What’s It All About?

Mia, Jacus and all of their nursery rhyme friends make the move from YouTube to the stage in the Little Baby Bum Live! show. Combining puppetry, live action and animation with a story line and their popular nursery rhymes, Little Baby Bum Live! is an exciting, entertaining and engaging show for young children (and their adults!).

What Do We Think?

Little Baby Bum Live! is the stage version of the hugely popular YouTube channel. If you have young children and an internet connection, then much like us, chances are you’ve spent many hours watching and listening to their rendition of nursery rhymes. Regarded as the world’s largest educational YouTube channel with over 20 billion views, the decision was made to expand Little Baby Bum to the stage – and the decision is a good one!

After touring the UK throughout the last few months, we managed to catch one of the last 2018 shows at Alban Arena in St. Albans. We didn’t really know what to expect, but assumed that there’d be plenty of singing, dancing and familiar characters to keep the children entertained. We were correct and not disappointed.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. The audience are invited to join two tour guides as they explore the magical and colourful world of Little Baby Bum on the day of the parade. We meet Jacus, Mia and their nursery rhyme friends, however it transpires that Mia has forgotten to prepare a song for the parade. So, along with the tour guides, we follow her journey as she visits different parts of the land and various friends in search of an idea for the parade.

The show combines live action, puppetry and animation to bring the story to life through dialogue, song and dance. This is all done on a bright and colourful set depicting the world of Little Baby Bum. Cleverly, the back wall is an interactive, animated backdrop which changes as the characters visit different parts of the land – it even has built in doors which are used, e.g. when people get on or off the bus.

Throughout the show, we meet various characters from Little Baby Bum who pop up at the appropriate time. Jacus and Mia are transformed from being 3D animations on YouTube to real-life people, Daisy the Cow, Super Pig, Baa Baa the Sheep and Baby Panda are performers dressed in costumes, whilst Stan the Monster, Wise Old Owl, Incy Wincy the Spider and Little Duckling are puppets. There’s also the occasional character, such as Twinkle The Star, who are animated on the backdrop.

Something the show does really well is blend this story with the songs to make everything go together. For instance, at one point, we find ourselves on Old MacDonald’s Farm. During this 10 or so minutes, various characters sing farm-related songs such as Old MacDonald, Yankee Doodle and Cock-A-Doodle-Do. In another scene, we go to Rose Bush Park where they sing weather-related songs including I Hear Thunder, Rain Rain Go Away and Mr Golden Sun.

We found the show to be very engaging with the audience – both in terms of young kids and their parents! You’re encouraged to sing along, dance, take photos and have fun throughout the performance. There are also a couple of points during the show where they ask you to get up and join in with a song or dance. Our four-year old loved this interactivity and had a lot of fun shouting answers back to the stage and signing songs at the top of her lungs.

One of the things we liked was that the show is standalone – your children don’t have to have seen it on YouTube to enjoy watching it live. All of the characters are introduced, as is the story, plus as they sing famous nursery rhymes, most children are aware of these anyway so won’t feel excluded. Of course, if your children do know Little Baby Bum, then they’re likely to get a little more out of it in terms of recognising characters and not so well-known songs.

We also liked the fact that the show had a good pace to it, which is important when targeted at young kids who get distracted and bored easily. It lasts around an hour in duration, yet it feels like it goes really quickly as you’re always entertained. There’s some dialogue, but this is actually quite minimal and you’re never  far away from the next song – that’s unsurprising considering that there’s nearly 30 different songs in the show!

All in all, it was a really enjoyable show which our kids loved – the four-year old joined in with everything and our 1-year old was mesmerised by the colours, movements and sounds (well, until it all became too much and he fell asleep!). It was really well put together, the performers, set and costumes were great and it was easy to join in with due to the songs being nursery rhymed.

What Does It Look Like?

What Do I Need To Know?

Type: Theatre, Live Show

Dates: 1st to 3rd November 2018 in St. Albans, however this concluded the 2018 UK tour.

Price: £14 each.

Duration: 55 mins (no interval).

Age Range: Babies and Toddlers (0-3), Young Children (4-8).


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