Our Scoring System Explained

Our Scoring System Explained

We genuinely want our reviews to be helpful for other people so have worked hard to come up with something that we think is useful and insightful. Everything we write reflects our true opinion, however we’re well aware that not everyone will have the same view as us – concepts like ‘value for money’ ultimately depend on the individual and are open to interpretation.

All of our reviews take the same basic format, namely:

  • Snapshot – Provides a photo, an overall review score, scores against five particular factors (this changes depending on the review type, e.g. product vs day out) and a bullet point list of the key things we like and the key things we didn’t like.
  • What’s It All About? – A quick summary of what we’re reviewing.
  • What Do We Think? – Our detailed and honest account of what we think about the thing we’re reviewing.
  • What Does It Look Like? – A gallery of photos of the thing we’re reviewing.
  • What Do I Need To Know? – Some key facts and summary useful information about the thing we’re reviewing.

When it comes to the snapshot section, we’ve decided to incorporate a scoring system to give a quantitative overview of the review based on specific factors. This not only gives a quick summary for those too busy to read the full posts, but also allows reviews to be compared against each other.

Take the example below. DJ’s Play Park in Hemel Hempstead has an overall score of 8.2 out of 10, which is formed from the five factors below it. Each of these factors – Value For Money, Kid’s Entertainment, Educational, Family-Friendly and Variety Of Activities – are things we look for in a day out and are individually scored out of 10.

DJ's Play Park Review Dashboard Score